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The New Husband by D.J Palmer

Beyond thankful to St. Martin’s Press for this ARC!

WOW!!! I just finished this novel and I am completely blown away. This book had me addicted from the very first chapter. I had to know what was gonna happen next.

This story is about a woman named Nina, who discovered that her husband vanished without a trace and while searching for her missing husband, she gets word that before her husband went missing, he was having an affair and might have ran off with his mistress. Nina is lost and broken trying to stay afloat with two children to care for alone not knowing what even to think about her missing husband Glen and what has happened to him. A few years after his disappearance, Nina meets a new man. Simon Fitch.

Simon Fitch seems perfect. He treats her kindly, buys Nina her favorite jewelry and makes her, her favorite meals. Plays sports with her kids. And unlike her ex husband, Glenn, he wants to make family time a priority. Nina is amazed and is completely falling in love with Simon each day. But Nina’s daughter, Maggie, senses something isn’t right with this new man and refuses to put her guard down. Nina assumes her daughter is just being a stubborn pre-teen and having a rough time adjusting…

But little does Nina know that her daughter is on to something and that Simon Fitch isn’t perfect and he definitely isn’t Nina’s knight in shining armour.

I totally loved this book, it was written beautifully and it was just remarkable. I had no idea what was coming when I was reading this book. It really shocked me and had me so intrigued, I finished it within a few days. Such a great novel!

SOO many plot twists I didn’t even see coming, I definitely enjoyed every page of this novel. This is a MUST read for any psychological thriller lovers out there!! Pick up your copy on 04/14/20, trust me you won’t regret it! 😉

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Pretty Baby by Mary Kubica

What a story!! This book was amazing and kept me craving more each chapter but that’s how each novel by Mary Kubica is for me. She is so talented. I got really into this book and really started to feel with each character, which I love when a book makes me do that lol. The plot twist in this novel was completely unexpected, I thought it was going a certain way and I thought I had the plot figured out and then BAM! It goes the opposite direction!

This story is about a woman named Heidi who is a successful mom and wife, Heidi sees a homeless young woman no older than sixteen with a small baby in her hands in the train station one day and instantly is intrigued by this young woman. She can’t get her out of her thoughts. Heidi being the super caring and compassionate person she is ends up befriending this young woman named Willow and giving her and her baby a place to live. Heidi’s husband is not pleased and from the get go is very suspicious of Willow and her story. He feels something isn’t right. Heidi ends up getting far more attached to the baby than she ever thought would happen.

As the story progresses, we learn more about Heidis past and the troubles that she faces within that she tries to hide by helping others. We learn more about Willow and how she ended up in that train station.

Heidi and Willow are both hiding things from eachother and as this story unravels, be prepared to be captivated by this SHOCKING novel!

I definitely enjoyed each chapter of this book but honestly, that isn’t surprising. It is Mary Kubica we are talking about. 😉 thanks for reading my review, subscribe for more!

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You Are Not Alone by Sarah Pekkanen and Greer Hendricks Book Review

First of all before I begin my review of the book, let me just say that just like the other novels this artist duo has created, it left me with so many emotions each chapter like “I can’t believe that just happened!” to “What’s gonna happen next???” I could not put it down. This artist duo never fails to amaze me with their books.

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